Our extensive spa services make it easy for men and women alike to find top-of-the-line skin care at our medical spa right here in Portland, Oregon. Our licensed aestheticians are here to help you spend the day relaxing your mind while you improve the condition of your skin. Here, browse our spa menu to explore the treatments we offer and learn which one may be best for you.

We’re excited to help you relax in our spa while you renew your skin. 请求一个咨询 在线,或直接致电 (503) 292-9200 安排你的约会.


Whether you visit us for a full day of treating yourself or a quick treatment session, you can expect the same great service from 波特兰整形外科小组. Once you’re here, you’ll be provided with a soft, comfortable robe and headband. You’ll dress down in your treatment room, so your belongings will stay near you at all times.

If you’re having a facial service, it’s ideal (but not required) for you to arrive without makeup. Every facial ends with an application of tinted moisturizer. 如果你正在做脱皮或去皮治疗, keep in mind that we recommend avoiding makeup application after your treatment for the remainder of the day.

We don’t require you to arrive early to your appointment, but we would like to remind you that arriving late results in a shorter service. To enjoy the best experience possible, please arrive on time.


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This non-invasive procedure contours your body by freezing away stubborn areas of body fat.



收紧皮肤, 重现痤疮疤痕, and improve 细纹 in delicate areas of the face such as eyelids, brows & 上唇. The PlasmaPen医学博士 rejuvenates skin from the inside out by stimulating collagen and elastin production.



Fractional non-ablative skin resurfacing and laser peeling. More aggressive rejuvenation with more discomfort and downtime but treats 细纹, wrinkles, 提高纹理, 孔隙大小, 和痤疮疤痕. This treatment requires a consult to evaluate and prepare you for the procedure and sometimes will need a pre-treatment with skin care. 最好在秋天完成, 冬天还是春天, and we recommend staying out of the sun for at least one month. EltaMD泡沫洁面乳, 紫外线广谱防晒霜, 包括屏障更新复合物和激光酶凝胶. 不包括“现货”的治疗方法.

  • "斑点",疤痕,妊娠纹
  • 面部或颈部
  • 面部和颈部
  • 脸、脖子和胸部



PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is a natural treatment using growth factors from your own blood to slow and even reverse the aging process. 通过使用PRP和某些美学程序, we are able to stimulate new collagen production in the exact area of concern, 所以皮肤和头发可以自我修复和恢复活力.



*Add microneedling to your hair restoration treatment for $100

微针 | $325 per treatment | $475 per treatment with PRP

也被称为胶原诱导疗法, microneedling involves using fine needles to create hundreds of tiny, 皮肤表层有看不见的刺伤. These wounds allow for controlled induction of the skin’s self-repair process by automatically triggering new collagen synthesis without causing scar tissue formation. SkinPen是医疗级的, state-of-the-art microneedling device that is designed to improve the appearance of 细纹, 皱纹和疤痕. It is currently the only FDA approved microneedling device on the market and is safe for all skin types.

*Post-care kit included with first microneedling treatment.


This treatment uses light therapy to penetrate deep into the skin, 针对老年斑, wrinkles, 晒伤, 小血管, 和红斑痤疮. A consultation is needed for treatment, which may be done at the time of your appointment.


  • 面部,颈部,或胸部| 400美元一次治疗
  • 脸部和颈部| 700美元一次治疗
  • 脸,脖子和胸部| 900美元一次治疗
  • Spot treatment – pricing established at consultation or time of treatment





VI Peel | 350美元

A controlled, safe, yet strong peel that is excellent for renewing skin. 这是TCA的混合物, 水杨酸, and retinoic acid can be done up to 4 times a year to address hyperpigmentation, 晒伤, 细纹, 和整体抗衰老. There is also the “VI Peel Purify” which is for acneic skin. It has benzoyl peroxide, kojic acid, and hydrocortisone.

ZO 3-Step Peel | $400

This peel blends exfoliant acids and retinol to reveal softer, smoother and tighter skin. This peel is good for improving acne, melasma, skin tone, texture and dullness. 果皮需要维生素a.


Dermaplaning | $150 à la carte | $75作为附加

一种审美品位, sterile blade gently “shaves off” dead skin cells from the epidermis, 还有细毛. This procedure leaves the skin with a very smooth surface, 减少细纹的出现, 晚睡肤色, 减轻皮肤充血, 并允许更好的产品渗透.

"不寻常的美容" 550美元

每样都有一点! We start this treatment with dermaplaning or exfoliation, 其次是IPL以减少红色和棕色, and finish your treatment with a facial massage and ZO Skin Health product application.

Photo-facial | 225美元

Energize and rehydrate your skin with this unique facial that combines dermaplaning, 拔牙, a ZO stimulator peel and facial massage to effectively enhance the brightness and quality of your skin.


*30-minute skin care evaluations are complimentary with our Advanced Aesthetician. Enjoy product samples and discounts on recommended products.